Thursday, August 31, 2006

It Is Nice

It is nice when bloggers you enjoy and respect set a link to you. Happened to me twice today, what are the odds? DYM is a player in the mommy blog universe, a few months ago she mentioned my blog, that mention drove a weeks worth of traffic through here in a day.

The next blogger that linked up with me is a giant among gay daddy bloggers. Steve responded to an email I sent him out of the blue. We started talking on the phone, the next thing I knew The Tutu Boutique Blog had a whole new look that meshed perfectly with the store. Today he wrote a post about blog friendship and once again he got me thinking. I like that, thinking.

The strange thing about blog friendship is the unknown. It is based on an assumption, a vibe. You get a sense for the person from their writing, but you really do not know. I will tell you this and I consider it to be a sad admission, I have more interaction and experience a greater exchange of ideas in the blog-o-sphere than I do in reality. My bloglines community is my modern day salon, sans La


Anonymous Wendy said...

It's such a leap of faith, this blog universe, isn't it? We know more about each other than our acquaintances in many situations but we might not recognize each other on the's definitely something I wasn't prepared to love..but I do..I definitely do. Great post, Peter..

9:39 PM EDT  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

Totally agree, I have more thought provoking "conversations" with blog friends than local friends. Never expected that when I started doing this.

9:25 AM EDT  
Blogger Phil said...

Same here... In the two years I've had a daddy blog I've engaged in more meaningful conversations and learned more about being a parent than in the past twenty years of adulthood. It sometimes seems strange to think of people I've never met as friends. But they are. I consider every single mom and dad blogger in my blogroll to be a friend in some form or another.

4:05 AM EDT  

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