Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Update

Another tough weekend at the beach, it is tough being me. Saturday, David and I went without out Mommy, Merry and Thomas, there are these horrendous biting flies that are born of The
Great Salt Marsh.
Rumors were swirling that the flies had reached Defcon 5 and the entire Town was on alert. Heidi received a phone call from her friend minutes before heading out that even Dave, had aborted his day in the boat, due to the intensity of these foul creatures. "Dave never gives in to them" her friend reported.

Excuse me, Dave just gave in, it is Peter, who never gives in. Heidi protested and I relented, "Fine, you don't have to come, but we are going." Merry wanted to stay with Mom, and I was not ready to sacrifice Thomas, the one year old, to the flies, if the rumors were true. Davey and I set off, we stopped by my parents house and picked up my fathers roommate from college and his family and made our way out into the wilderness.

Turns out there was a nice breeze at the beach and the evil Greenies were not an issue. We had an awesome day that would have been even better if Mom, Merry and Thomas had come along.

It was easy talking Heidi into going on Sunday after hearing my stories about Saturday she was not willing to risk missing another beautiful day at the beach. Sunday's logistics were a little tricky, my brother Brendan wanted to use the boat. Our cousin Kevin, who has been living in Hawaii for the past year was in town for a wedding and the boys had plans at the beach.

So did The Monsters, Saturdays saving breeze had withered and the bugs were present and hungry, after being denied on Saturday. These flies are intense, when they bite there is the potential that you will bleed. Greenheads are not interested in sucking your blood, they want your flesh. I picture them sitting down with a knife and fork enjoying a nice, medium rare cut, of Peter Jr. Luckily, for those around me, I seem to be the dinner the insects are looking for they rarely attack the children and I have become very proficient at ending their lives without getting bit.

We survived and played hard, David fell asleep in his Uncle Kevins arms on the ride Up River just as he did the day before in Auntie Lauren's. We got home , rinsed off and headed to Grampy and Maymay's to feed on the left over seafood from their dinner the night before. A great ending to an eventful weekend.


Blogger Kailani said...

Goodness, those things are hideous! They look like they came right out of a movie.

12:59 AM EDT  

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