Thursday, July 13, 2006


My office took a bolt of lightning and we were blown off the internet.

No email, no Pestpack (the program we run our business with) no bloglines, nothing. It has been a very long two days. We are not yet fully operational, random connections are fried but I am up.

There is a lot of work ahead especially reading all of the posts I have fallen behind on, not to mention the bug business I have to take care of.

This week may rank as one of the longest, I know they all consume the same amount of time,but it is the perception of time that I am concerned with. When I am having fun it fly's by, when it is not so fun it seems to slow down. Why is that? Metaphysics I think.

It is supposed to be another beautiful weekend, look out beach here we come.


Anonymous Emily said...

I love these pictures and mentions of the beach. Keep 'em coming. I'm just here hand-killing scorpions in 110 degree heat, wheeeeee!

2:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

Yeah, just seeing those dunes makes me happy. And also kind of sad.

Guess it'll be a long afternoon.

4:29 PM EDT  
Anonymous croutonboy said...

Lightning? Holy wrath of god, Batman...

10:46 AM EDT  

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