Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Boy David

Heidi is out, off to discuss tactics and strategy with her partners in World domination. I have the children in their beds, teeth brushed, prayers said, bodies tucked in. My Time!

I settle in to watch my Sunday night shows which I could not stay awake for Sunday night due to the families adventures Down River.

Deadwood, I love this show, I know it is a play off of some Shakespearian tragic comedy, I just don't know which. I am riveted to the television, the battle between not so good and worse always intrigues me. Imperfect people leading imperfect lives playing the cards that they are dealt to the best of their ability. When I listen closely I think they are even speaking in iambic pentameter, the soliloquies contain all types of insight into the characters and the course the action is going to follow. You need to pay attention to understand what is going on.

Upstairs there is commotion, sounds like crying coming from Merry's room, I pretend I can't hear, hoping it will pass. Then I hear David on the stairs, he calls to me:


I turn off the t.v. and head to the stairs.

"David, why are you out of your big boy bed?"

"Daddy, Merry needs help. She is stuck"

"Lets go see, that was nice you coming to get me and helping your sister. Now get in your bed."

"Okay Daddy."

When I get to Merry's room she is lying in her bed yelling at the top of her lungs that she is stuck in her room and wants her door open. I calm her down and tell her to close her eyes and think nice thoughts. I never tell Merry that she has to go to sleep, she just has to stay in her bed. If I tell her to go to sleep and she doesn't fall asleep within two minutes she starts whining, she can't whine about not being able to stay in her bed, well she can whine about it but she doesn't. I give Merry a kiss and tell her that I love her and head back into David's room to let him know how how proud I am that he helped his sister.

David made me feel proud, he took it upon himself to lookout for his sister. Where does that instinct come from? Did he pick it up watching his parents, is it something you are born with? He was well aware that getting out of his bed may have serious consequences and he did it anyway. When I came around the corner I could see in his eyes that he new he was taking a chance. I told him I was proud of him, his chance paid off. My kids looking out for each other wells me up inside. I never thought about this dynamic and the emotional response that it would wake inside of me.

Back to Deadwood I went and then Entourage and then bed, as a very proud Dad.


Blogger Kailani said...

You and Heide are definitely raising those kids right!

1:17 AM EDT  

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