Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It Was Cold

It was cold this morning when I set out for my ride. the coldest morning yet, somewhere in the vicinity of 38 degrees. I had mittens, sweatpants and a jacket, I was prepared. Things were going great, the sun was coming up and the sweat was beginning to drip.
I noticed that my rear tire was beginning to get mushy, I pulled over and yup. I had a flat. I carry a spare tube but I was only a quarter mile down the street from my parents house and time is limited on weekday mornings. I pumped the tire back up, and limped into mom and dad's driveway.
I am still new at this cycling thing and I learned this morning that the pump I carry on my bike is nearly useless. I am also a bit intimidated at the notion of changing a tube out on the road. I have done it twice before, both times in my yard. Live and learn, soon enough I will be able to hop off the machine and switch out the old tube in no time.
The funny thing is I feel frustrated that I got up and out this morning and only got to pedal six miles. I was hoping for twenty. I will get twenty tomorrow no worries.

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