Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Month

Its been a month since my last post and lots of things have happened. The thing that has affected my life the most over the last 30 days is the shorter days. I do not like shorter days, I like longer days. The sun is not getting up over the horizon until almost 7am, the mornings have been cold, mid 40's. The combination of cold, dark and the need to be in the shower by 7:30am is pinching my opportunity to ride. I need to figure something out and I am sure I will.
I have been painting my house, since The 4th of July, and I finally feel as though I am making some progress. I started with the prime a long, long, time ago took a year and one half off and it is now starting to feel as if there is an end in sight. And I must say that it looks pretty good. I finished the area where the scaffolding is yesterday.

Heidi and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on Sunday the 21st, it has been the most challenging, rewarding, exciting and magical stretch of time I have experienced. I hope and believe that this journey we are on together will continue always and look forward to the twists and turns down the road. Working together to raise a family has tested our patience but not our commitment to each other. I love you Heidi.
Merry has started a new school year, she is now in the first grade, she is learning to read and growing like a weed. David has returned to another year of pre-school and now Thomas is attending as well.

Last but not least I signed up with facebook and it has been great finding and touching base with friends from different times in my life. I appreciate the ability to get reacquainted with long lost friends. I can not wait to see what fruits these connections will bear, I predict there will be laughter.

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