Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Probably Shouldn't Be Saying This, but

My faith in the democratic process has been repaired, a bit. The fact that our elected representatives did not allow George Bush's White House to bail out George Bush's friends is refreshing. While our Government was busy chasing Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson around for her wardrobe malfunction no one was paying any attention to Wall Street. They were stealing and it has caught up to them. There should be commission's, hearings, and public executions, not bail outs.
It is not our Governments job to Nationalize business, China, Nationalizes business. I am just blogging and really do not know a whole hell of a lot about this financial crisis or the outcome of not passing the bailout. It is my feeling that a free market will survive, the inflated economy will settle where it settles. Jim Cramer predicts somewhere in the vicinity of 8500. That my friends is 2000 points lower than it closed yesterday. After it bottoms out, it will again begin to grow and maybe this time there will be checks and balances in place. Checks and balances that will not allow loans to be given to entities that can not pay them back.
I feel sorry for my parents generation, if you were in the position to cash out of your IRA or Mutual funds, you probably aren't there now.
I have heard predections that we are now entering The Depression II, and that scares the shit out of me. I also heard that Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction, that too scared the shit out of me. George Bush's Republican Party has a knack for insighting fear to get his/their way. We may have avoided an even bigger disaster by shooting down their plan. If we had not believed their story about Iraq, who knows, maybe Osama and his band of terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan would have been eliminated by now.
While I am at it, please do not allow Sarah Palin into the White House.

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