Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not as Strong

When I was sixteen I used to water ski three or four times a week. During the summer three or four of us would get together after work and head out on the Essex river to test our skills.
After graduating from high school the water skiing stopped. The reason, I got to big for the boat to tow and the kid with the good "ski" boat sold it.
We took a mini vacation this weekend to a lake house in Maine, it was great, the house was perfect and the company was terrific. It seems every lake house ought to have a "ski" boat and this house was no exception. So I gave it a go, twenty years without trying and BAM I am up and skiing.
I opted to get up on two ski's and drop one. Unheard of twenty years ago but I figured better safe than sorry.
Not five minutes into the adventure my arms began to burn and my grip began to loosen. I was experiencing total muscle failure, or TMF, as we used to call it at military school. By the time I got back to the dock not only were my arms ready to explode, it felt as though the blood vessels in the side of my head might pop too. Not Good.
I went again on Sunday and it was a little better. Until I woke up Monday morning. I could barely move my arms and had to bail on my morning bicycle ride.
Today I feel much better and am thinking I had better add push-ups to my morning exercise routine, clearly I am not as strong as I used to be.

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