Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It is the dawn of a new era in exercise, I had a second knee operation in April and during my follow up appointment I asked the surgeon when I could start jogging again, he said never, go buy a bike. I got one and plan on using it. I had a road bike in high school and really enjoyed the time I spent on it. I traded it in for a mountain bike when I went to college which I road a ton. After I got married the cycling stopped, now it is going to start back up. If you see a fat guy, in goofy pants, riding a red bike, please do not run me off the road.

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Anonymous jessie d said...

hey peter! - your VT living cousin jessie here checking on your blog - soooooo you're picking up cycling? pretty cool. tons of road riding up here, wayne and i are thinking of it, need something do up here :). the company i work for specializes in merino wool cycling apparel - check it out i can give you the fam discount if anything catches your eye - hope all is well w/heidi & kiddos


6:09 PM EDT  

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