Friday, March 30, 2007


Kids love popcorn and mine are no exception. One of the many benefits of Grampy's house is the never ending bags of microwave popcorn. A few months ago we actually had some in the pantry of the Old Blue house.

Merry, David and Thomas were in the other room chomping away, the children were very happy. We do not have microwave popcorn around all that often, not for any other reason than we forget to buy it. It was a treat and they were treating it as such.

I was in the kitchen, reading the paper, washing dishes, or drinking beer, I do not remember which when Merry and David marched in. I assumed they were there to get another bag of the good and buttery stuff. I was wrong.

Merry looked up at me and said "Daddy, I have a popcorn seed stuck up my nose."

I went and got my flashlight, lifted her up onto the kitchen counter and peaked in. She was right, she did have a popcorn seed up her nose. I asked her how it got there and she told me that she put it there. Go figure.

What is the solution when presented with a kernel of popcorn stuck in your little ones nose? I saw two options, the first was a trip to the hospital and a wait at the emergency room. This did not seem like the best answer. The second, was to get it out myself. This one I liked, but how?

As I considered ways to remove the foreign object from my princesses button nose, Thomas walked in sipping milk through the straw of his sippy cup. Ha Hah! Urecka! and all that. I went to the cabinet, got a straw from the straw box, laid a very calm, cool and collected four year old out on the kitchen counter, inserted the straw and applied suction.

Out of her nose came the kernel, into the microwave went the next bag of popcorn and life proceeded as usual at The Old Blue House.

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Blogger Steve said...

I was really excited for some popcorn... until I read all the way through. :)

9:46 PM EDT  
Blogger Oda Daddy said...

Dude! You sucked popcorn out of your kids nose with a straw?!!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha
Too Funny!!!


1:55 AM EDT  
Anonymous JamesMommy said...

I've read/heard that you can plug the unclogged nostril, blow in the child's mouth and the popcorn (or pea or Monopoly house or whatever) will pop right out. However, that's given that you don't end up puking on your dear little one in the process and making a much larger problem :o)

10:30 AM EDT  
Anonymous MaryP said...

Bwah-ha! I am so storing that one away for future reference. What are the odds I'll need it sooner or later?

If I ever do, though, I hope I manage your exquisite timing, so I get just the obstruction - without (eeeew) a mouthful of snot.

12:21 PM EDT  

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