Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Jogging

My body does just fine while I jog, my lungs on the other hand are not doing any better. I have trouble processing oxygen. It sucks, literally. I can not get the air through my lungs cleanly. I get the air in and it does not get processed, I gasp for more and it does not get processed.

This feeling of drowning is the worst at the top of the hills along the route. The journey down the other side is spent trying to recover from the trip up. I spend the downs recovering and trying not to hurl. Good times, good times.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should mix in some interval training. Go to They have a number of programs, spanning beginning workouts to professional. I think you'll find it helps the CV system better than straight jogs. You'll also progress in your fitness better.

2:30 PM EST  

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