Saturday, December 09, 2006


Thomas has learned a new trick, a trick his sister Merry perfected at about his age. This is a game that David has avoided, this game is spinning until you fall over. Getting dizzy, to the point where you have trouble focusing your eyes, forget standing up.

Merry was drawn to the spins at a very early age. We had a jumpy seat that hung from a beam in our house. Instead of jumping up and down Merry perfected revolutions. She could spin it like a top. When her brain was good and scrambled she would giggle until the effects wore off. Thomas is enjoying the same brain scrambling fun. He spins around in circles to the point that all of the adults get nervous he his going to bang his head. Then he falls over giggling. If Merry catches him she joins in. David, mostly just watches.

I can remember loving to get dizzy, lying on the ground and watching the sky spin by. I wonder if it is a sign of bad things to come for these two, it certainly shows an affinity for jumbling brain cells which is unhealthy. The two that enjoy it are the two I worry about least. David is the sad and sensitive one, David is the child I envision as the brooding teen. David does not find getting dizzy to be the rush Merry and Thomas do.

These kids are all different and a couple of them love to get fall down dizzy, just like their Dad.

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Blogger Mary P. said...

I'm with David. Spinning round and round always just made me want to throw up. No fun in that! And the urge to spew takes a little while to subside, even after you stop spinning. Ick.

However, I can still get my spinny kicks. I still like to swing this way: lean back to the full extent of my arms, then let my head tip right back. You get the same rush as spinning, but you can stop at the very second, just before you start to feel sick!

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