Friday, December 08, 2006

Here We Go Again.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my families future. I worry about being able to get away from this desk and traveling, I worry about making enough money to live a lifestyle, that at this point in time, I can not afford.

I would love to know that I had the money to pay for whatever education my children aspired to. On the selfish side, with the snow falling outside my office window, I would love to have the means to provide season passes to a New England ski area for my children. A place to sleep, close to the mountain, would be good too.

Instead of simply wishing, Heidi and I are working towards these dreams. Everyday I work hard at my family business to make it better. Currently we are under going structural change. To handle the increasing work and in hopes of making the men more productive, we are changing the structure of the business. This new system will provide the leadership and direction, the individuals involved, need to reach their goals.

Heidi has the The Tutu Boutique rolling along. The more time the site is up the stronger its presence becomes in the search engines. Traffic at the site today is five times what it was a year ago and sales have tripled. This trend will continue. In the future I see another venture along the same business model.

Then there is Heidi's baby, the business she loves the most because she sees it as having the most potential to earn our family money. It is more than the money for Heidi, the relationships she is building, the products she represents and the opportunity to change people's lives make Arbonne a very fulfilling part of her life.

The most enticing part of Direct Selling is time leveraging. Time leveraging is earning money while other people work. I get a piece of my service technicians efforts in my business. I have the the search engines and tutu makers time working for me in the e-business. With Arbonne, as long as someone that works for you is working, then you are working too.

Yesterday was very hectic for Heidi, she did not get a chance to work her Arbonne business, however members of her down line approached three people about the opportunity, hence, Heidi got some Arbonne work done.

Do not be fooled, it is work. There needs to be a plan and a tried system in place for success to happen. There are no magic wands or fairy God Mothers in this world, "Hope is not a method".

I have witnessed Heidi's success and enthusiasm towards her Arbonne business and I have decided that it would be crazy not get involved. Say hello to the newest Business Builder in Heidi's down line.

I may have contacted you already, I may not have. The first step is to try the products and determine if you like them. There is no obligation, I will send you the products and the postage to return them after a week. If you like it and are interested in altering your future we can talk more. If not, that is fine, I am not interested in being pushy or leading a person down a path they are not interested in traveling.

I plan on showing the path to as many people as I can, if you are interested? Let me know.

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