Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Santa

There is a lot of stress associated with Christmas, the kind of stress that I do not handle very well. Crowds of strangers make me mental, people standing in lines to buy things they do not want or need irk the hell out of me. When I am forced to stand in that line, I want to die.

I do not like to pull into the mall parking lot on a Wednesday in July, forget about during Christmas. Jockeying for a parking spot is not a sport I wish to involve myself in. I do not understand the rules of parking at the mall. I see cars tailing people as they walk out, following along behind as they make their way to their car. Waiting as they load up and pull out, only to have the spot grabbed by an old lady pulling in from the other direction. I do not get it and I certainly do not want to be a part of it.

When I was single I would put it off and put it off. Why do today what I could put off until tomorrow? The last tomorrow at this time of year is Christmas Eve, every year I would be at the mall on Christmas Eve scrambling to buy some piece of garbage for everyone on my list. A shirt here, some cologne there, maybe a pair of gloves or a watch or who knows what. Buying presents has never been a strong suite for me.

After the purchase, on Christmas Eve, I still had to get Mom's flower sweater wrapped
. The waves of anxiety associated with Christmas were relentless. Hopefully my sister would be home, if she were, I could pay her to wrap my presents, if not, they would be easy to open.

My Santa came into my life just over ten years ago. My Santa handles all of the ugly details when it comes to the niceties that are expected during this Holiday season. My Santa is my wife Heidi and I am thankful for her. My job is to make sure there are cookies and milk under the tree, that I can do.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think any of us like to find parking spots this time of year. I gave up trying to find rock star spots, and just head to the very back. I figure I need the exercise anyway. This year, I did a lot of shopping online and feel much less stressed.
--mamacita tina (blogger's acting up)

6:13 AM EST  
Blogger Mary P. said...

See, this is why I do my Christmas shopping on a Wednesday in July. And a Monday in April. And a Thursday in October.

You see the idea? A little bit all year, and then I can focus on the people I love and giving them pleasure, not the crowds and the tension and the pressure...

I think it's one of the main reasons I still love, love, love Christmas.

However, I do not bake cookies.

7:07 AM EST  

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