Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My cousin left a comment on the post titled "On Jogging" He had some good advice and sent me to Runner's World to read up on what I am doing. I got discouraged reading through the articles because I have no desire to compete, I just want to be healthy. I would love to plug in my routine and see what it means, maybe Bobby will come back and let me know how I am doing.

A few weeks back, I upped my every other day mileage to three. Depending on the day and how I feel, my pace is somewhere between 8 and 10 minutes per mile. On the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday depending on how the every other day falls I run four. I do not have a stop watch, I time my jog by approximation. I left about 6:30 and I was back in the living room by 7:00. I wheezed and stretched at the front door for a minute took the trash barrels back to the shed, lets call it 8:45 per mile. Last week I jogged 13 miles, three threes and one four.

Reading the articles and skimming the site has left me thinking I may need to take this jogging up a notch. Get a watch and time my runs, maybe mix in some "Indian" running. In high school we would run hard for two telephone poles and jog one. Why they called it "Indian" running I have no idea.
It is good for you though and I think it is what Bobby meant when he mentioned "Interval" training.

The next thing I think about when I start to consider getting more serious about jogging is time. I do not necessarily want to spend more time exercising. I wake up at six, jog my three miles, stretch and do sit ups, shower and get ready to go to work, it takes an hour and a half. Now that I start at six instead of five the kids catch me before I leave for work. This means I have to help with the morning routine, which is nice, but time consuming. Instead of being on the road at 7:30, it is 8:00 after putting on clothes and starting breakfast. I do not want to wake up at five or five thirty and it is not in me to exercise in the evening.

On today's jog I actually felt like I was close to running, what I am going to do is start timing my jogs. This will give me an idea of where I am and what I need to do to improve. I have resisted for three months, I can not resist any longer, I need to know. How slow I am really going.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How slow?" You've been jogging for some time now, I'm sure you'd leave most of us in your dust. Keep up the good work! And sure, timing yourself is a great way to spice things up.

6:16 AM EST  
Blogger Mary P. said...

I was all set to send you to "The Running Room", which organizes runs and clinics for all ability and interest levels, then discovered they're only Canadian. The only state they're in is Minnesota.

However, their website still has some good resources.

I can't comment on your speed: I think in km, and miles doesn't mean a whole lot. But it sounds good!!

7:14 AM EST  

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