Friday, September 15, 2006

Where you been? Man.

Where have I been?

Very busy, that is where I have been. My brother and partner has had a new baby, a little boy, so he has not been around. The parents and bosses have been away. The children have started pre-school which has altered their schedules which has altered our lives.

I promised Emily that my next post would deal with the meme she tagged me with. The title of said meme is name five foods you should eat before you die. I am not exact and I am in to big of a rush to look.

  1. Peanutbutter, Jelly, and Fluff Nutter sandwich
  2. Prime Rib medium
  3. Swordfish off the grill with some lemon
  4. Baked potato with sour cream, salt and a dash of A1 sauce
  5. Ruffles potato chips
I have not given this list much thought and I am going to allow it to die here. I am not sure of the rules but I figure a couple years of bad luck for breaking the chain is worth it.

The family is packing up the truck and heading north. We are going to Vermont for Alumni weekend. I have been out of college for fourteen years, next year is the fifteenth and they have already started looking for dough. I got the mailing last week with a nice little sticker. We shall see, do any of you send your school money? I just got done paying back the student loans.


Anonymous Wendy said...

Was wondering about you! Glad you are okay just busy - have fun at alumni weekend!

9:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous kailani said...

Congratulations on your new family member! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

6:26 AM EDT  
Blogger Steve said...

I don't send money to my college, but I do to my (Jesuit/private)high school. I had better memories from there and feel more connected to it than college.

Have fun and travel safe.

9:19 AM EDT  
Blogger Colonel said...

Just got back from the was my Cadre's 10 year, and great to see them again. I get hit up fro cash all the time, and what's worse is one of MY Rookies is the one always asking for it...I keep having to remind this now-employee of the school that I had him inches from tears on the first day of Rookdom...hahahah!

-Brian J. '98

1:46 PM EDT  
Blogger Mary P. said...

What is Fluff Nutter?

10:22 AM EDT  
Anonymous Emily said...

I've never tried the sandwich, but I've heard about them. Sounds pretty good, actually. Love the swordfish and roast beef, the baked potato (I like the A-1, nice touch). Pringles are kind of weird. Good though, just weird.

2:12 PM EDT  

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