Tuesday, August 08, 2006


There were two very excited children in my house when I got home last night. Merry and David were off the walls, they had some very exciting news that they wanted to share with Daddy. The excitement they were exhibiting reminded me of the buzz associated with the arrival of Old St. Nick.

Ayden and Addison are coming and Nanny and Auntie Jen, Hurray!

Merry loves her cousin and getting the chance to reconnect with Jen is priceless. I am in constant physical contact with my siblings, we all live with in a fifteen mile radius. I work with everyone except my sister who lives a quarter mile down the street from my parents. Almost to much family, but not quite.

Heidi has one sister and she lives far away, they talk on the phone but it is different. Over the winter Heidi may head to Atlanta for a long weekend but that is not enough as far as I am concerned. I think it is important for the family to spend enough time together that there is a chance to get on one another's nerves and then get over it.

Enough time to actually be sisters and cousins instead of guests. Enough time to show each other some moles and then after the initial shock cover them up and move on. I am not sure how long the stay will be this year but I hope it is at least three weeks. That seems to be enough time to bring up any issues and get them resolved. It is enough time for the children to become cousins/family instead of visitors from far away.

I want Jen to know that I love her and I look forward to her visit every year. I want her to know that the opportunity to get to know her children, my nieces, is precious to me. Her visit does not burden me, it enlightens me and I am thankful for the relationships that the cousins from Atlanta provide my children, my wife and myself.

Nanny's coming too and that is good, I am going to need another set of hands to help watch all of these girls. I have a sneaky suspicion that there are going to be a few "Girls Night out" in the next couple of weeks.


Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

My brother and his family live only an hour from us, and yet we only get to see them maybe once a month. Not enough, but busy lives don't make visits easy. I must do something about this.

Good luck with all the kids, of course there will be girls nights.

9:34 AM EDT  

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