Monday, August 07, 2006


I do not use this word often, I HATE stickers. Stickers are everywhere in my house and nobody cares but me. I wish I were a sticker manufacturer, they seem to be the most consumable product ever. Stickers and maybe bottled tap water.

When another adult gives my kids stickers I want to smack said adult. Stickers are more annoying than the loud toy. Once you remove the loud toy it is gone, stickers are quiet and they linger.

Stickers seem harmless and the children do love them. If a kid likes something that much you have to ask yourself, "why?" I think my children place them in areas that they know the sticker will not be noticed until later. They sit back and wait, when the sticker finally shows its ugly head and daddy gets frustrated, Giggle Time.

The worst stickers are the ones on the carpet in the dark areas. They lie unnoticed waiting for a parent with a vacuum cleaner to come by, then they make their presence known and hang tight. I have learned a move to dislodge them but it slows down my progress and that sticker succeeds in bugging the hell out of me anyway. The move is to scrape it loose with my big toe. Who else scrapes stickers free of the carpet with their big toe? Show of feet.

I sat down at the computer tonight to check bloglines and what did I find when I pulled out the tray the keyboard sits on? STICKERS! When I get in my truck after a weekend road trip, what do I find? You guessed it. STICKERS!

I even find the friggin things in my bed, in closing I strongly dislike stickers.


Blogger Mary P. said...

"Show of feet". LMAO

I do give the tots stickers. We tend to stick them to body parts - noses, cheeks, arms, tummies. I take pictures to their bedecked offspring and email them to the parents. The stickers almost always fall off before they go home. Am I not a good caregiver?? :-)

8:52 PM EDT  
Blogger Kailani said...

I can totally relate. My daughter loves stickers but as soon as she gets them, she's sticking them all over the place, walls, tables, chairs, the television. Once I went shopping with a spongebob sticker on my butt!

I hear you! *raising my foot*

12:56 AM EDT  

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