Friday, June 02, 2006


I have been experiencing a vague feeling of ill-being lately and I know why. There has been a confluents of media experiences that have put me in this state.

First, a documentary on HBO outlining the daily routine at the main emergency center for U.S. troops in Iraq had me in tears. This program highlights the fact that 90% of the wounded in Iraq are surviving, which beats the alternative, but they are surviving without an arm or a leg or their vision or any combination of the above. There does not seem to be a defined mission. The surgeons ask themselves over and over what is the purpose? The troops, they fight for each other, for their brothers in arms, not for the Iraquis or their right to vote.

In the beginning I argued vehemently in support of going into Iraq. Saddam was casting the mandates of the U.N. aside and needed to be held accountable. Things went wrong when we did not leave. When the police execute a search warrant, they go in, turn the place upside down, find or don't find the weapons of mass destruction and leave. We should have done the same thing.

I avoid thinking about the pain and desperation our young men and their families are experiencing while I happily go about my life. There is a generation of children who will grow up without a Dad or with a Dad who has been impaired. It makes me feel sad.

The next thing advancing this vague feeling of ill-being is a Front Line special on the United State's part in the fight against HIV world wide. The bullshit Bush and the Christian right make these developing countries go through to get the money, to buy the drugs, to manage the disease, is archaic. They insist on preaching abstinence and limit the distribution of condoms. Countries, like Brazil, that refuse, don't get the funding. Countries in Africa agree, get the medication, take care of a few while the disease spreads like a virus. I think a great philosopher once said "Things that make you go Hmmm"

It is best to keep my head down and try not to think of the sadness that envelopes the planet Earth. I should also avoid the liberal media. My little corner of the World is very comfortable, we have more than enough to eat, we have a wonderful home, we are all healthy and the future, for us, looks bright. I will thank my lucky stars and try not to worry about the rest of the worlds problems.


Anonymous Emily said...

Peter, I'm feeling exactly the same lately. I'm a democrat, but I too, (supidly) supported the war in Iraq at first. Saddam was (is) no joke. But look at this mess! God, I wish Gore was able to lead our country as he deserved to. I wonder would or could have happened.
Good for you for touching upon these issues in your blog. They do affect our lives and feelings. I try to allow this pain to help me honor my own outrageous and undeserved fortune. I gotta stop...there aren't words for what I'm feeling.

3:19 PM EDT  
Blogger Mamacita Tina said...

With little ones about, it's hard to think about such important issues. We don't want the ills of the world to depress us when we are feeling so much happiness at home. And yet, we should keep informed and help out in the small ways that we can, lest we have to deal with these issues first hand.

8:59 AM EDT  
Anonymous freezio said...

I keep getting the nagging sense that I should be stocking-up on provisions, and honing my survival skills. Hmmn. Why might that be, do you imagine?

12:51 PM EDT  

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