Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cow T-shirts

My family used to have a business called Simply Vermont. This was an attempt at a mail order business that would have worked great on the internet but did not have enough capital to produce and mail catalogs.

My sister maintained a store front in our hometown that carried all of the products. The business did not make it and a lot of the inventory went into storage. That storage area was my parents basement, which they have recently been cleaning out.

While cleaning out their basement we came across a couple cases of these great t-shirts. I am putting this info in my blog so that the page we are selling them on gets indexed by google, however, if you the reader are looking for a great deal on Woody Jackson cow print t-shirts, this is the place to get them.

As for Simply Vermont, that may be the next dba for The Old Blue House, Inc. We have all of the contact information for the vendors and as soon as Heidi gets some time to put it together I believe it will soar.


Blogger Peter said...

The new dba to be run under The Old Blue House, Inc. is an Arbonne distributorship

2:06 PM EDT  

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