Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jesse Ventura!

Go get a SIRIUS satellite radio!

Howard Stern interviewed the former Governor and SEAL on his show this morning and I have to tell you, the man is riveting. Ventura that is.

His take on Government is spell binding. There is no other logical explanation than Jesse"s. He speaks with conviction from an informed point of view.

Today Howard asked question's of Mr Ventura that lead us down a fascinating path.

Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theories just might be true. He asks good questions "Why did the World Trade Center Towers fall at the speed of gravity? In his estimation, speaking from the point of view of one of the worlds best trained demolitions expert, the collapse should have experienced some friction. Slowing its decent. I can't argue the point, sounds plausible and I do not know the answer.

Mr. Ventura's story leads to antidotes ranging from secret summits of the top of the Republican Party in 19992 to a call for Solidarity amongst Pro Wrestlers in a failed uprising of Vince McMahon's WWF empire.

The former Governor speaks his truths passionately, his logic is sound and his message is scary. He is also selling a book. Don't Start The Revolution With Out Me! I am going to read it.

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