Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sadly Selfish

There is a little boy who is very sick. His mother is a friend of Heidi's, his big brother goes to pre-school with Merry. This little boy is fourteen months old and his liver is failing, he is struggling for his life.

Heidi wants to talk about it. She wants to go over their struggle and their feelings. She has sympathy and empathy and she wants to share with me.

I do not want to hear it. It makes me feel so sad and helpless that I want to hide under the couch. My brain immediately attempts to put me in the same position as the little boys dad and I begin to feel sick to my stomach. If I linger on the thoughts my eyes begin to tear.

I feel sad and selfish, I do not want to subject myself to those helpless feelings even though I understand that Heidi has a need to discuss them.

I ask you to please put this little boy and his family in your prayers.



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