Monday, March 05, 2007


The Tutu Boutique is down, we are not receiving emails or visitors. The company that hosts the site is working feverishly to solve the problem. Everything they do is down, the girl who answered the phone when I called almost cried, I was not the first to call.

We have a nice little business here on the world wide web and we are hostage to our host. Seems there is a catastrophe at least one time a year. The site went down between 10:30 and 11:30 this morning, this inconvenience has dropped our traffic from 3,000 page loads to 600, from 500 unique visitors to 100. There is nothing I can do about it. I am a hostage to my web host.

The work involved to move the site is HUGE! Other companies crash too I suppose. So patience is the key, but at what price? Is there any recompense for such a slight? We just paid our web hosting fee for the month, is that due back? Should they cut me check for the average amount of money that the site generates everyday? What should or can be expected when the people who you pay to provide you a money making service leave you out in the cold?

This is turning into a whine session and I don't want it to be. I just want my web site back.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our site is down as well (damn it)
Do the following:

He gives the following to customers so I do not think he will care if I post it (except to embarass him a bit)
*Devin Willis(Senior Student Care Manager )I just e-mailed him to let him know you were having problems and knowing him He will jump on this quickly !
Phone 800-748-5199 EXt 4056
Fax 801-374-2358

-They will waive a month of hosting and cut a check for money lost due to downime(just document you were making the amount requested in an average day in sales). They are will give a check!

What we like:
Uptime - 99.95%
updates to server hardware and software
Good web-based control panel
Fast, for the most part
Bandwidth - unlimited RAID5/10 Storage, backups made 2 times a day

What we dislike:
Once in a while (maybe once or twice a month), my site loads much slower than normal, and will take forever to load-(Devin has always been there and has been fair to me

intensive html knowleage(they do not allow easy use for newbies-

Overall, They have been enough for my site and their customer care is what impresses me the most, though them is good, but not all.

Al Levine

1:18 AM EST  

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