Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Dad

I know a guy who is a brand new Dad. Seeing him and the tired yet satisfied look on his face fills me with an emotion I can not quite name. Happens to me every time I see new parents wading through the awe of resposibillity that comes with the first child.

The lack of sleep has him a bit off guard, yes he had been warned but you can't know until you know. The wonder associated with the little life that is completely dependant. The realization of what being a parent means is huge for anyone who takes it to heart.

I remember rocking Merry, comforting her in the middle of the night, thinking that I was the luckiest guy in the world and at the same time having no idea how I was going to survive the next day on three hours sleep.

Survive I did, we even had two more babies after that. Each child is a gift which presents different challenges and rewards. The rewards are the hardest part to express, I certainly am not eloquent enough to do it justice. My children are my pride and joy, my feelings for them encompass my being. Nothing can frustrate or elate me more than my three kids.

Have a terrific journey down the path of parenthood New Dad. It will be the journey of your life, you are now traveling along the edge, the spine of joy and despair, life is fragile and you are now directly responsible for one. Have fun!



Anonymous kailani said...

When that baby looks up at you, you somehow forget about how tired you are. All that matters is taking care of him/her.ht

2:58 AM EDT  

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