Monday, October 01, 2007

The Clash

Mom and David clash, we don't call him "wrongside"for nothing. David is the child that has always provided Heidi with the biggest challenge and the bigger he gets so grows the challenge.
I wish that I could help, I feel helpless, I do not have any answers.



Blogger twoboysmom said...

Hi Peter,

I've been out of the blogosphere for awhile and thought I'd drop by today.

I tend to clash with my oldest. He has always been my challenge. Ages 10 mo. to 5 it seemed like everything was a battle. I actually felt like I couldn't even be nice because if I was he'd try to run right over me. I feel for your wife.

The things that helped me were 1) the book The Power of a Praying Parent. I prayed for him fervently - usually while he was sleeping. It directed my prayers in areas like family relationships (I was so afraid of developing a bad relationship with him) and his rebellion/ submission to my authority, in praying for his desire for what is right and good, and many other areas. While I know the prayers were very productive it also helped heal my heart with the frustration and anger over his defiance/ challenges. 2) Parenting books like Don't Make me Count to 3 by Ginger Plowman, The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson, and Creative Corrections by Lisa Welchel 3) drawing the line in the sand and holding firm. The best thing I can encourage you with is to back her up. Even if you disagree with her at the moment. Discuss it out of earshot but don't undermine her in front of him. She needs the support and he needs to see you support her. Don't ever let him be disrespectful to her.

I don't remember how old David is but I can say that I am loving 6. My son will still test the boundaries but backs off sooner and doesn't push so hard. Hang in there. It really will work itself out. It is so hard to go through and it is also hard to watch them go through it. Remind her that God knew her personality, knew the personality of David and still put them together! She is what he needs for him to be who he is supposed to be. Then send her out for some R&R!

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